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Welcome! Today we’re celebrating the release of BRAZEN by Christina Farley! We are SO excited to have Christina here with us to share the TOP 5 PLACES TO VISIT BASED ON BRAZEN AND we also have a GIVEAWAY! BRAZEN is the third and final book in the Gilded series about a sixteen-year old girl who must use her martial art skills and wits to save her family, friends, and country from an evil Korean god.

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About the Book:

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Top 5 Places to Visit Based on BRAZEN:

1. Excavation Site of the Terracotta Army

The first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang (210–209 BC), created an army of soldiers to protect his tomb and him in his afterlife. These soldiers are life-sized and the amazing feature about them is that every solider is different. Archeologists believe that perhaps these soldiers were based off of real soldiers in the emperor’s army.
Theses sculptures were buried not far from the emperor’s tomb (about a mile) and have recently been excavated after a farmer discovered some clay shards in his field. I got to go visit these warriors and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had.

2. The Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang

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Like the ancient Egyptians, China’s first emperor built a massive square pyramid-shaped tomb. It’s located at the base of Mt. Li and was buried under a mouth of earth to keep it hidden.
There have been no excavations of the tomb as of yet, but visitors may walk up the long stairs to the top for a great view or to experience a Chinese performance.
Even though no one has been inside the hidden palace since it was built thousands of years ago, it’s believed to be riddled with booby traps and mercury rivers that will poison those who enter the sacred corridors.

3. City of Xian

This ancient city is a fascinating place to visit. We stayed at the Shangri-La (the very same hotel in the book) and were able to take a day to tour the area. One of the prominent features of this city is the bell tower, which once climbed offers an amazing view of the city.

4. Blue House

This is the living quarters of the President of Korea. I had the privilege of taking my students here on a field trip (see pic above). The building was constructed in 1991 and though it is a modern building, it reflects Korea’s beautiful cultural architecture and history. It’s located on the historical royal gardens of the Joseon Dynasty and within walking distance of Gyeongbok Palace. Check the website here.

5. Seoraksan Mountains

This is one of my favorite places to hike in Korea, not only for its stunning majestic peaks but also because of the rigor and feeling that you have left the modern world behind. There are temples, fortresses, caves, waterfalls, and beautiful views scattered all around the park. I knew that the climax to the Gilded series had to be held in this national park because in many ways it’s the epitome of Korea. The climbs are quite rigorous, but so fun. Though I was five months pregnant, I am proud to say I conquered Ulsan Bawi Rock and I've got pics to prove it!

About the Author:

CHRISTINA FARLEY is the author of the Gilded series, a YA contemporary fantasy series set in Korea. GILDED was nominated for Korea's 2014 Morning Calm, Ohio's 2015 Buckeye award, and the Tome’s It List. As a child, she loved to explore, which later inspired her to jump on a plane and travel the world. Christina's adventures sparked her to write stories, infusing the real world with fantasy. Currently she writes from home in Clermont, FL with her husband and two sons—that is until the travel itch whisks her off to a new unknown.
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