Monday, January 18, 2016

New to Our Shelves Review

 Belles by Jen Calonita

Put yourself in the position of a teenage girl who is just like your ordinary teen. Life is good, you’re meeting your close friends at the typical Friday hangout and having to explain to your parent or guardian why you were home past your curfew. The only concerns you may face is the homework that was due last Tuesday or if the special someone you like feels the same way. Well, for Izzie Scott, life is quite different. Author Jen Calonita brings you Belles, a novel you truly don’t want to miss.

Belles is a realistic fiction novel that shares a story about a girl named Isabelle  “Izzie” Scott, that experiences a drastic change in her life. Growing up, Izzie lived with her grandmother in the not so nice part of South Carolina: Harborside. Gradually, Izzie sees her grandmother is starting to lose her battle to Alzheimer's Disease and a surprising visit comes from her social worker announcing that her grandmother is giving her custody to her long lost uncle who lives in Emerald Cove. It’s all in the name, Emerald Cove is the elite town of South Carolina, where the wealthiest of the wealthiest live. Izzie has never once heard of her Uncle and his family, so when she first moves in with them her whole life begins to change.
On the flip side of things, Mira Monroe is Izzie’s long lost uncle’s daughter. Having some girl she never heard about become her adopted sister is quite a change. Lots of responsibility is held upon her to introduce Izzie to the new privileged private school and show her through Emerald Cove. As easy as it may seem, drama stirs up and the book begins.
One key thing that really kept me reading Belles, was the main message of the story. It really showed me to always be there for my family and to never change myself for someone or something else. Izzie is one of the characters really resembles the theme. With all that is thrown upon her, she really handles everything really well, that any ordinary person couldn’t. It really gives personal motivation for yourself.
Besides all that, Jen Calonita really brings humor throughout the book. From the family struggles that are totally relatable to the funny remarks of Mira’s little brother, you can’t prevent a smile to appear on your face. This book is more directed towards readers through grades 7th grade and up. If you really enjoy a feel good,coming of age story, you can’t miss Belles by Jen Calonita.

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