Sunday, October 9, 2016

ARC Review: Marvin and the Moths

Marvin and the Moths

by Matthew Holm and Jonathan Follett

The book Marvin and the Moths is about a boy named Marvin who is having some trouble starting middle school.  Marvin is forced to move into the attic of his house in order to make room for his new baby brother in his old room.  In the attic, Marvin concocts a mixture composed of Pork Loaf Incorporated (the major corporation that keeps Marvin's town, Butcherville going) secret ingredients.  These ingredients have turned out to be much more than Marvin expected, and will change his life forever.
    My favorite character in this book was Aristotle,  the tallest and smartest moth. He is my favorite character because he is always bossing his fellow moths around in a humorous way.  Also, Aristotle often gets the characters out of trouble because of his smarts.  If Aristotle was not in this book it would just not be the same.  He is a great character.  I think that the authors Matthew Holm and Jonathan Follett wrote this book purely to entertain the reader.  I’d say they had lots of fun writing this book, and made it so that the reader has lots of fun reading it too.  The writers of this book can also can be found on Twitter @jonfollet.

Review by Riley Q.

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