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ARC Review: Hear the Wolves


Hear The Wolves
by Victoria Scott

Teen Poetic Reflections...

Time passes on the clock,
as Sloan’s family leaves her in shock.
Left by her mother as a child,
she's scared of being alone, yet not the wild.
She's not entirely lonesome, there's others in town.
You'd think just people, but wolves lurk around!
Ravenous and lost, wolves start more trouble.
Sloan’s well-thought up path starts to crumble.
An old woman who’s hurt,
a friend who's a flirt,
a very caring teacher,
a father who's  anything but a preacher,
a boy who's got some smarts,
and a dog called Farts,
make their way to the river,
and fight the  cold shiver.
Things get extremely rough,
but they must stay tough.
For they are in major haste,
since time cannot be in waste.
That's all I can tell you for now,
I know this will leave you saying, “Wow!”
Although it's meant for the youth,
it's great and that's the truth!
Well this has been my honest review,
goodbye and thank you!

The wilderness is the most unpredictable thing in the world, depending on who you are, yet it doesn’t bother Sloan. Hear the Wolves by Victoria Scott is phenomenally written and beautifully climatic about a young girl with an important fate. Left to die as a child by her mother in the woods, Sloan has always had a fear of being alone. In fact, she always had a mental “lasso” around someone, whether it’s her father or sister or friend, so she’s never in the path of isolation. Yet, that fear would be riled up like fuel to fire when what’s left of her family, as well as everyone but a few towns folk, leave for Vernon and leave her alone for what should have been a couple days. But nature didn’t agree with that. A monstrous blizzard approaches her hometown, Rusic, Alaska. It not only limits transportation, but wipes out the local population of wolves’ food source of rabbits. With snow drifts with the ability to freeze a person to death and rabid wolves on the hunt for food, the prodigy hunter, Sloan has to find all the other people in town to not only escape the blizzard and wolves, but to also get an injured friend to where the local doctor is in Vernon. Watch as Sloan races to save the abandoned townspeople and avoid the dangerous blizzard and wolves in Hear the Wolves.

I had been in a reading slump for a couple weeks, so when I saw my ELA teacher Mrs. Kelly post a photo on Instagram of the new Victoria Scott ARC, I knew I had finally found something I wanted to read. I love Victoria Scott’s style of writing. Her extremely descriptive chapters and amazing use of figurative language makes novels very action packed. There’s constantly something going on! That being said, this was the perfect book to get me out of my reading slump. My favorite character is Mrs. Wade. She is always so positive and makes an effort to be a mother figure for Sloan, even if she is in dire danger. Not only that, but she is incredibly smart. She always has an idea in even the most intense situations!

In all, I highly recommend Hear the Wolves by Victoria Scott. You’ll never put the book down and it’ll leave you with a perplexed mind and an overall accomplished feeling. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. So on March 28th, hopefully you’ll be able to see this  novel because it is really worth the read.

The link to her website is

Review by Laney J.
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release Date: March 28, 2017
Pages: 240

*Our class received and ARC of this book to read/review from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.

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