Thursday, July 20, 2017

New to Our Shelves!

Jilly Gagnon

    An innocent joke between a girl and her best friend is the one thing that sends her life into the hands of millions. Rachel, a curly headed antisocial, has had the biggest crush on Kyle: a lacrosse playing, burger flipping, wonderfully wonderful teenager. As a cute like pickup joke, Rachel sneaks a picture of him at his Burger Barn job and sends it to her friend; who then reflits it online for the world to see. Unbeknownst to them both, this simple action is what sends Kyle and Rachel head-on into the scrutiny of millions of other eyes.

    #Famous is single-handedly one of the most cutest/gut wrenchingly powerful books I’ve ever had the luxury to read. Set in a modern day teen life, Rachel is put through so many things that are both relatable and prominent in this day and age. She is constantly being bullied and pushed through terrible social situations due to the mere fact that, horrendously enough, she has a crush! People deface her property, make her the butt of every joke, and poke fun at her hair and curvy body. She felt as though everyone hated her guts just for trying to lighten up and joke around with her best friend. When she finally decided not to let the haters get to her, I couldn’t put the book down. Kyle, the very reason why she had millions of people tell her to kill herself, was the one person who treated her the best. He made her know that she was a funny and good looking girl who didn't deserve to be put down for a simple joke. The message was beautiful and inspiring.
5/5 stars.

Reviewed by Arianna P.

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