Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Walk On by John Feinstein ARC Review

In The Walk On by John Feinstein, the freshman quarterback Alex Myers is moved in with his mother after a divorce and is trying to conquer the new intimidating Chester High School. Quickly, Alex's cannon of an arm is noticed by the right people from the first throw he takes. When school starts the actual "school" part isn't of importance to him, but there is one ray of sunshine is day that could light up the whole sky, Christine Whitford. The smart, attractive, high school newspaper writer becomes his instant priority. But after school there is nothing but business left on the football field. The crooked Coach Gordon and his Matt try every way to prevent him from his deserved spot at starting quarterback.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes sports or even suspense. The book has an interesting first person point of view. Obviously, this is a great book for not only the football fans, but for people who want to read a good story.

by Bobby W. 

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