Sunday, October 29, 2017

Inspiration on Our Shelf: Life in Motion

Life in Motion by Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland’s, Life in Motion is a novel about Misty Copeland’s life, struggle, and career. Copeland discusses her struggle through life and her rise to the top of the ballet world, despite the odds stacked against her. Misty Copeland shares about her hectic childhood, from moving from home to home and from father to father, without any success in settling down. Until one day when she goes to her local Boys and Girls club and her life is changed forever, after she discovers classical ballet. This book also talks about her struggle, as an African American dancer, which is out of the norm for the world of ballet, she also shares about her injuries and how she overcame them.

Life in Motion was beyond an inspiring novel, to me it showed just how much you can achieve if you are dedicated and hardworking enough. It truly changed my outlook on how I have been living my life, because Misty Copeland had such a crazy childhood, and almost had everything taken away from her that she loved, because of another’s selfish actions, and I feel like sometimes people that are sort of privileged especially of my generation tend to take that from granted. I also loved that you don’t need to be a dancer to appreciate this novel, because although it does talk a lot about dance it’s not just about that, it’s about the endless ups and downs of life, and how you just need to keep moving forwards and overcome life’s challenges. Obviously my all time favorite character was Misty Copeland herself, however if I were to choose someone else it would have to be her teacher, Cynthia Bradley. She was truly the one that introduced Misty to dance, and had it not been for her and her training we may not have the amazing dancer Misty Copeland in our world today. Copeland’s novel brings an awareness to accepting people’s differences and to embracing them for their talents and skills in life, not degrade them because of them. really enjoyed this novel as it was an easy read, and had an amazing purpose and message.
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Written by: Misty Copeland
Published by: Touchstone Books
Released on: December 16, 2014
Review by: Emma K.

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