Friday, October 27, 2017

New Release!

Wonder Woman: Warbringer 

by Leigh Bardugo

Some say that they’d do anything to prove themselves, others have the opportunity but don’t take it. Princess Diana is trying to prove herself  to everyone but when she finally can, she instead breaks the law of her people. While breaking the law and risking exile she saves Alia Keralis from a purposely bombed shipwreck. The two of them go against many enemies and Diana finds hidden strengths along the way. The best quote is actually in the book and on the back of  it, it reads, “Amazon. Woman born of war, destined to be ruled by no one but themselves. We make this pact with their words… It was a vow Diana had shared with no one else, one that might make her a killer. That was when the air tore open around them. Diana knew the sound; she recognized it from the vision she’d glimpsed in the Oracle waters” (Bardugo).  This is the best quote because when Diana and Alia make this pact together you'd an really see the relationship they've built together and what truly brought them together. It's also when the book gets really good and starts unraveling. All the characters in the book were believable and easy to relate to in the way they acted, felt or did things. One of the best characters for me was Alia because other than Diana you could definitely see a really big change in her through the book. At first Alia is innocent and just trying to get by, but as the book progresses she becomes more daring and braver. 

This book was written for entertainment purposes. It’s very action packed and entertaining for lack of a better word, it's a lively book and it's a really great read. I would recommend the book to everyone it's amazing. I would rate it a definite 5 star rating. This book is fantasy fiction but it's a great book for people who like reading not just comics or superhero books but for people that like Greek mythology too. It doesn't include a bunch of things but it does hint at some major gods. This book could even benefit people who like to read a mix of action and mystery. You never know what will happen in this book even if you can usually predict endings, there's many plot twists and turns that you won't expect. And for me that's on the best parts of the book. This book is published by Random House Children's Books and was released on August 29, 2017.
Review by Leilani V.

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