Sunday, January 21, 2018

ARC Review: Don't Cosplay With My Heart

 Don't Cosplay With My Heart
by Cecil Castellucci
Don't Cosplay With My Heart is a story about a nerdy teenager named Edan Kupferman who decides to cosplay as Gargantua, her favorite character from the comic Team Tomorrow. When she is Gargantua she can be as loud and angry as she wants. Right now that costume is her sole comfort while her family is slowly falling apart, her best friend is away for the summer and her crush is being very confusing. Edan is trying to find her own Team Tomorrow in this crazy world. She is trying to figure out if she is strong enough to be her own hero or whether she can let others help her through her hardships.

My favorite character has to be Edan. I can identify with her in many ways and I feel a connection between me and what she is going through. Another reason I really like Edan is because of the way she handles situations that put her under stress, she keeps everything organized even if she is in a difficult situation. Edan is a very strong person despite the fact she is going through a lot and that is something that I deeply admire.

I enjoyed reading this book very much! My English teacher gave it to me knowing I am a big nerd for cosplaying and I was overjoyed. I enjoyed the lessons that Edan learned along the way and how she dealt with each situation. I also liked the wide range of emotions that were present during the story and how Edan described them to feel like. Overall I think that this is a great book for teens to read, especially if they are as nerdy as me!

Review by: Lilian B. 

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