Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ARC Review: 5 to 1 by Holly Bodger

5 to 1

by Holly Bodger

Release Date: May 12, 2015

“So I obey like a prisoner.
Wrists = bound.
Ankles = in steel.
Freedom = nowhere in sight" (Bodger 114).

The book 5 To 1 by Holly Bodger tells story set in futuristic India. The year is 2052 and in past years there had been such atrocity going on that a group of people decide to section off an area from the main population to try and avoid the monstrous world. The world had too many people and too little land so they cut population by only allowing families to have one child. Because of this, families only wanted to have sons to work and carry on the family name. Many girls were abandoned and left to die or were killed at birth. Now the world has a very high male population and a low girl population. So in the sectioned off place girls were treated like royalty because there were so few of them compared to the amount of guys. In addition, each girl had to have the tests to pick a husband out of five guys that competed for her hand in marriage. The guy that was picked led a rich and prosperous life. And the guys that weren’t couldn’t even be guaranteed staying alive.

Caylee’s Review
This book is honestly one of the best books I have ever read. It’s something new! There is nothing about this book that I have seen in other books. I just love the originality of it! I like how it switches between Sudasa and Kiran’s point of view. Sudasa’s point of view is written in stunning verses. She goes over every detail and every thought and I love that. Kiran’s point of view is like a normal story, in prose. It’s an amazing contrast that really pulls the book together. One of my favorite things about this book is the characters. I thought the author did an excellent job on almost all of the characters. Their personalities really jumped out at me. I would have enjoyed even more insight on the other male competitors. Furthermore, even though this book is placed in the future it touches on a lot of current day problems going on in India such as arranged marriages. It’s great when girls can relate to a story like this and the story still be so different from our everyday lives. I would like to give so much praise to the author because I bet she really poured her heart and soul into this book and it was an honor to read.

Bobby's Review
I read 5 to 1 by Holly Bodger as my ARC review; it comes out in 5/15. In the year 2052 the ratio of boys to girls is 5 to 1 in the town of Koyanagar, India. Female Sudasa is treated as an incredibly valuable commodity because she is about to be wed to a boy who has to go through tests to become her wife. Koyanagar was made so that girls would not be married to the highest bidding, married thirsty male. The founders instead made a Test where there are a handful of boys they get to compete to try to win the love of the future wife, in this case, Sudasa. Her name may be Sudasa the Obedient, but she does not want to follow the wicked rule of her Aunt any longer. She wants to live to be who she wants, not to be a puppet whose strings are pulled by her family. Kiran is a boy who was forced to take part in the Tests, even though he wanted no part of it. His closest-thing-to-a-father, Amma gives him all the knowledge he needs so he does not win the Test. As Kiran attempts to avoid winning, Sudasa sees something in him that that reminds her of herself. Rebellious. Both want to be as far away from the "fair" rules of Koyanagar. But it is hard not to try and win when there is a snobby, spoiled, cheater playing to win Sudasa. This boy is not just all those things, but he is the prize's cousin! When you read you find how these clash of characters fare out in the end. 

I recommend this book for anyone who likes a great story with a roller coaster plot. It also has an alternating point of view between Sudasa and Kiran.

Thank you to Random House Teen Publishing for the ARC!

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