Monday, March 23, 2015

ARC Review: The Boys of Fire and Ash

The Boys of Fire and Ash
by Meaghan McIsaac

Review by Alexa V.

The Brothers of The Ikuuma Pit never knew their mothers, nor have they ever wanted to meet them, for they were abandoned at birth. Frequently, a baby would be left on the ground near one of the entrances of the Pit. The one who took him in and raised him would become the child’s Big Brother and the child would become his Little Brother. When one of the boys became old enough, they would leave on their Leaving Day, and whoever was their Little Brother, would take another child that was left and become his Big Brother.

Urgle is Cubby’s Big Brother and is supposed to be teaching him how to hunt and throw knives. However, he is not very skillful. Urgle is constantly being told how bad of a Big Brother he is, but when Cubby is taken away by monstrous predators, Urgle proves them wrong by going outside of the pit to find him, with two other brothers and one who has information on the outside.

Truthfully, this was one of my favorite books. I loved the plot, the characters, and the legends about the setting. However, the main character wasn’t my favorite because I wouldn’t agree with him at some points or he would get me frustrated. Apart from that, my favorite part was how the Ikuuma boys do not know anything about what’s outside of their Pit, so they had to learn things like what alcohol is or what buying things meant. Whenever they passed a woman or girl, they began freaking out, since they have always hated them for their abandonment, but also never remembered what one looked like. Also, there was a lot of tension and fighting throughout Urgle’s journey with multiple groups. They haven’t seen most of the weapons their opponents possesed. Find out more about Urgle's journey when you read The Boys of Fire. This book about family is for anyone to read, and I honestly can’t wait for more books by this author to be released. Look for The Boys of Fire and Ash to be published on May 12, 2015!

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