Sunday, March 5, 2017

Literary Reflections

All The Bright Places

by Jennifer Niven

A boy, beautiful and broken,
A girl, whose smile bears great pain,
Meet high above the earth
In their own little world.
In a town too small,
The future is so endless,
Yet there is so little time.
Call me an optimist,
Or is it truly
Love At First Sight?
They Bond.
They Laugh.
They Cry.
They Overcome their fears.
It seems they can conquer the world,
Until it all ends forever...
What do you do when all seems lost?
When it felt like they were going to be with you forever
If only I could just bring you back
For even a second
And Hug you
Kiss you
And tell you I loved you
One final time....
....or at least have said good-bye.

Poem by Kelley C.

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