Sunday, March 5, 2017

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How It Ends

By Catherine Lo

Your best friends can make the worst enemies! Currently I just finished reading the book How it Ends by Catherine Lo. The author writes in two characters point of view, Annie and Jessie who become best friends. The two girls became best friends after Annie moved with her new family to the suburbs where Jessie lives. Jessie isn't really a popular person and she is surprised when Annie reaches out to her to become friends.

   The two characters are complete opposites and it's interesting to see how their friendship works throughout the story. Jessie is very insecure because of the way she was bullied by her ex-best friend in 7th grade. She has to go through many therapies and doesn't have friends at school until Annie comes and reaches out to her. Annie is the opposite of Jessie, she is very outgoing and sticks up for herself. Her mom passed away 6 years ago and Annie really doesn't like who her dad has married because her dad doesn't talk about her mom anymore and it feels to Annie as though her mom totally disappeared and isn't a thought. Since her dad has a new wife, her life has changed and not in a positive way for Annie.

   I recommend this book to people who like to read about drama, realistic fiction and teen fiction. I enjoyed this book very much because it was constantly moving and had a problem or something going on on every page and I couldn't stop flipping the pages. Also since there are two points of view it was interesting to see both people's sides to the story. I would rate this book a 4.5!

Review by: Kylee D.

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