Sunday, March 5, 2017

New to Our Shelves!


Infinite in Between

By Carolyn Mackler

This book was phenomenal. Five freshman get together on orientation day and do an “ice-breaker” activity. They all decide to write letters to their future selves and meet again on graduation day to unearth their letters. What will happen when graduation day comes?

Carolyn Mackler encourages the reader to open their eyes and to quite literally, walk in another person’s shoes. To feel what they feel. To be aware of their struggles, and more importantly-how they overcome them. I recommend this book to everybody! It is a good book and will help people be more compassionate towards others. This 461 page novel is a page-turner that will have any teenage girl or guy who loves drama up at all hours of the day, rooting for Gregor, worrying for Jake, encouraging Mia, crying for Whitney, and hoping for Zoe!

Our class received this book from Jamie Miller @brokeandbookish Thank you, Jamie!!

Review by: Kelley C.

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